Cancellations are only accepted by Phone not via E Mail or Text. If you cancel 48 hours before you are due to rehearse then half the rehearsal costs will be incurred by the band rehearsing. If you cancel with in 24 hours or on the day you are due to rehearse or you do not turn up for a rehearsal then the complete fee will be incurred.

Arrival and Departure 

    Please make sure you arrive on time. If you are going to be over 30mins late please phone and let us know. If you arrive late we DO NOT let you over run your alloted time slot. You should finish your rehearsal, be packed away and have vacated the room by the time your alloted slot ended. If you were booked in til 10pm then the room should be cleared by 10pm rather than stopping your rehearsal at 10pm and then packing away. If you are leaving the studio late at night please do so in a quite manner.

Double Booking's 

    In the event of a double booking it will be at managers discretion as to which band will be given the rehearsal studio time. If it was found to be the Banana Road Studio's mistake that caused the double booking then the band that was not able to rehearse will be given the same time slot at a later date FREE OF CHARGE.

Smoking and Vaping   

     Banana Road Rehearsal Studio is a NO SMOKING STUDIO but you can smoke just outside. Also the studio is a NO VAPING STUDIO due to our fire alarm system but again vaping can be done just outside the studio.

New Band Deal 

     We have a One-Off Special Rate of 4 hours Rehersal time for just £25 for all new bands to get the option to come and try out our studio and equipment at a reduced rate. To qualify as NEW BAND over half the members of your band must not have used the studio before. All equipment, Drums, 2 Guitar amps, Bass amp, PA and Mics are all included in the price. If there is any dispute over a band being eligible for this introductory offer then the managements decision is final


     Payment should be made in cash and is due before the rehearsal starts. Unfortunately we do not accept credit/debit card payments but we can take PayPal payments.


     Individuals using the Banana Road Studio and facilities are responsible for themselves and their guests and are liable for any damage caused by them or their actions. Any vandalism or wilful damage to the Banana Road Studio or its equipment or facilities will result in the individuals being refused use of the facilities and equipment and also will incur the costs of any damage. Banana Road Studio will not be held liable for any damage or injury caused by individuals actions, misuse or neglect of its equipment or facilities and as such individuals will be held liable.


     Drugs use will not be tolerated at the Banana Road Studio and any individuals found to be using them will have to leave the premises. Alcohol inebriation will also not be tolerated and individuals will again have to leave the premises.


     The Banana Road Studio will not be held liable for any loss or damage to individuals equipment and belongings this also includes individuals cars or transportation. The Banana Road Studio will not be held liable for any damage to hearing or loss of hearing to individuals using its equipment and facilities and it is the responsibility of individuals using its equipment and facilities to protect their own ears as well as make sure their guests ears are also protected. We do provide earplugs on request Free of charge.


     We have CCTV in all the studios and corridors which are used for communication purposes and for health and saftey reasons.


     Banana Road Studios only keeps basic Information usally just a first name (sometimes a second name), the name of the band, a telephone contact number and occasionally an E mail address. We only keep this information so we can contact you about any business connected with the studio and your bookings. We also have an online calendar so that bands can check available dates at the studio or there own bookings. We only put the band or artistes name in this calendar and no contact information is ever put in the calendar. At the time of booking you will be asked if you want your bands/artists name to appear in the online calendar and if you do not wish it to appear it will appear as 'booked'. In the event of a security breach a lost mobile phone or computer hack etc. We will inform you via text or in person. We do not pass your data on to any third party. Any data that is stored by the studio is on encrypted and password protected computers and on encrypted and password protected phones. If you want us to delete all your data at anytime you can ask us by Email, Phone or text.