One-Off Special Rate of 4 hours Rehersal time for just £25 for all new bands (See Terms) to get the option to come and try out our studio and equipment at a reduced rate. To qualify as NEW BAND over half the members of your band must not have used the studio before. All equipment, Drums, 2 Guitar amps, Bass amp, PA and Mics are all included in the price.


      At Banana Road Studios we have flexible booking times, meaning provided you book at least a 3 hour slot (at Peak Times) you can have pretty much have anytime you require. You can have 6pm til 9pm, 7pm til 10pm, 7 til 11pm etc. Also our studio availibilty calander is accessible online please see bookings section. Minumum 3 Hour slot between 6pm - 11pm and weekends.


      All the amps, drum kit, mics and PA are included in the price (see studios for more information). We supply all amps and cabs so you can use our equipment or just bring an amp head if you dont want to bring a guitar/bass cabinet .The drums comes with cymbals and snare drum. Bands are still welcome to bring and use their own equipment.


      We have a variety of recording options available at the studio from Drum tracking to band recordings and re-amping. We can also do full band live recordings. We have very competitive rates so please see our Recordings section for more details.


      There is ample parking outside the studio so no need to carry equipment very far or up any stairs. The parking at the studios is FREE.


      Free tea and coffee is available to bands rehearsing and recording at our studios. There is also Snacks and other light refreshments availiable for purchase.